The quest for the perfect beer
has shaped civilization and
inspired technology for centuries
Pouring beer into your glass is the final step in the long journey
to enjoying this glorious ancient beverage

Your beer should be visually appealing,
presenting the exact flavours and aromas the brewer intended.

Every quality dispensing system should preserve these features and present them in every pour.

No other faucet achieves this better than
the patented forward-sealing design found in every tap we sell at Keg King.

Taps for dispensing beer have been in use for hundreds of years and have been constructed from materials ranging from wood, brass, cast iron, steel and of course stainless steel.
Even plastic gets pressed into service, despite having characteristics not suited for this application.


Here you will find the true history of the Intertap and its improved reincarnation as the UltraTap by Keg King.

Photo of Intertap beer tap

The Original Genuine Intertap

Keg King started selling Intertaps as far back as 2015. The Brand name Intertap was registered on the 16th of December in 2015 in Australia and so substantially predates the opportunistic registrations of the Intertap name in other countries.
The Intertap name and trademark is still owned by Keg King in Australia but there are other businesses outside of Australia who have taken to using the Intertap name and are marketing taps under that name.
The product has also been copied in various guises by businesses in other countries and so it is difficult for buyers to understand if they have a genuine Keg King Intertap or something else.

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Photo of UltraTap beer tap

From Intertap to UltraTap

In 2018, our genuine Intertap line of faucets went through a massive design improvement to become UltraTap.

UltraTap now delivers the ultimate in forward-sealing design to deliver a unique laminar flow experience.

The UltraTap was developed from Keg King Engineering Department’s drive for constant improvement.

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Keg King Flow-Control Taps

Keg King has recently added two new flow-control taps.
The UltraTap Twist, which is redefining how beer can be poured for small pours like tasting glasses or where its not possible to balance a beer line adequately (especially great for mini-kegs).
And the Intertap Flow Master which has the traditional side-lever based flow-control.

The UltraTap Twist unit takes the standard UltraTap body and by replacing the shuttle and actuating lever turns it into a flow-control faucet. The adjustment is made simply by twisting the handle to decrease or increase the flow rate. It can revert to normal operation by putting the standard shuttle back in the tap body. So the best of both worlds with a balanced line or on a mini keg without a line.

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We understand that some users might prefer the side-lever based flow-control taps to match taps already installed on existing dispensing systems.
And with the Intertap Flow Master, Keg King Engineering has greatly improved on the flow-control (FC) features of Intertap

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Get a pour like no other tap.

Get the best tap out there!

Give your beer every opportunity to shine
exactly as the brewer intended.

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