The Intertap Flow Master

The Ultimate Side-Lever Flow-Control

From the design leaders in beverage dispense equipment, Keg King presents the Intertap Flow Master.
The Keg King Engineering team went back to the drawing board to design this new, superior side-mounted flow-control (FC) beverage tap.

In 2021 we released the UltraTap Twist, the world's first tap handle operated flow-control tap.
However, we understand that some users might prefer the side-lever based flow-control taps to match taps already installed on existing dispensing systems.

The Intertap Flow Master is vastly superior to the other Intertap FC taps being sold around the globe by other manufacturers. There's a lot of knock offs out there, so beware!

The only way to get the best side-mounted flow-control Intertap is to use Keg King's Intertap Flow Master taps. They provide a higher level of real control over beverage flow and now include full stop and full open features that will thrill users every pour.

Only Keg King's Intertap Flow Master delivers the perfect pour with real, improved flow-control abilities that work where most other brands seem to do more to whip up pouring issues, especially when trying to dial down the flow rate.

With a new design to side-mounted flow-control devices, the Intertap Flow Master is the right tap to choose in commercial or home settings where users want to dial down the flow rate for serving small glasses, filling flights or tasting padles.

Here's what's new on the Interap Flow Master:

  • All stainless construction
  • A built-in auto close spring (removeable, if preferred)
  • An improved shuttle design
  • A Larger opening on the flow-control
  • The flow-control lever has a hard-stop at full open and full close

Photo of Intertap Flow Master beer tap