The Original Genuine Intertap

Keg King started selling Intertaps as far back as 2015. The Brand name Intertap was registered on the 16th of December in 2015 in Australia and so substantially predates the opportunistic registrations of the Intertap name in other countries.
The Intertap name and trademark is still owned by Keg King in Australia but there are other businesses outside of Australia who have taken to using the Intertap name and are marketing taps under that name.
The product has also been copied in various guises by businesses in other countries and so it is difficult for buyers to understand if they have a genuine Keg King Intertap or something else

The History of Intertap

Keg King is an enterprise that began with Home Brewing Equipment and to dispense the product one obviously needs taps.
Around eight years ago good quality taps were available but at eye watering prices which most home brewers could only think longingly about, but not aspire to own.

Forward-sealing taps are amongst the easiest to use and clean, so it was logical for Keg King to build such taps.
Because some aspects of this design were covered by patents, royalty payments were paid until the end of 2017 when Keg King purchased, from the US owner of those patents, the rights to manufacture in perpetuity.

Whilst the Intertap became popular (and remains so), it is not a real laminar flow tap.
If a tap is able to maintain laminar flow, it substantially decreases unwanted foaming caused by turbulence. And that, of course, is a highly desirable outcome.

Late in 2017 Keg King embarked on an improved design which would offer laminar flow, and this was produced in 2018 and marketed under the name UltraTap.
Made from 304 stainless steel, UltraTap is probably the best value faucet of its kind available in the world today.
We even have large international specialist dispensing businesses branding UltraTaps with their own name for their customers.

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